What style glass should I order?

Crystal Dreamy Glass: For those who want their piece to have that extra magical touch! This style includes a variety of crystals that you can select from my personal collection, florals, painted aspects (such as clouds, mushrooms, stars, etc), sticker aspects, butterfly stickers, glitters, or foil add ons if desired.

Dreamy Glass: For those who just want that delicate dreamy look! This style includes florals, painted aspects (such as clouds, mushrooms, stars etc), butterfly stickers, glitters, or foil add ons if desired.

Stickers: For those who have super specific images in mind! Stickers are typically found off Redbubble based off of your chosen theme and ran by you before purchase. If you have a specific brands stickers in mind please let me know! Floral detailing, painted aspects (such as clouds, mushrooms, stars, etc), glitter, and foils included with this option.


How long will it take to get my order?

Pre-crafted orders are shipped within a week of being ordered. For customs my average turn around time varies between 5-9 weeks, depending on the type of project and how many current orders I have. Once orders are shipped they typically arrive within 3-7 days, but please allow for post office delays, and understand that once a package leaves my hands I unfortunately know as much about where your package is that you do. If you have a specific date you need your piece by and are worried about wait times please refer to the next question!

What if I can't wait for a custom? I need something ASAP!

If you want a piece made and shipped within 3-5 weeks I do have a “fast pass” with customs! for an extra $75 I can take on priority orders for those procrastinators who need that perfect last minute gift. I am only able to do this fast pass with orders handled through my socials (twitter:@stephanielegok or instagram This will guarantee your project gets completed and shipped in less than 5 weeks. Unfortunately 5 weeks is the shortest wait time I can promise with my current full time job as well. Anything shorter can risk incomplete projects.

Do you offer any bulk/set discounts?

I do! I can't give an exact number or percentage because each set or bulk order is different, but feel free to DM me and ask how much you could get off your order! I only offer set discounts when a set contains 3 or more items.

What if I want a custom and I don't see the option for that item on your website to be customized?

Feel free to send me a message or email me and get a custom price on any item you see in my shop! Typically a custom for wall hangings and such goes for $10-$30 more than a ready to ship piece item in that same shape, depending on what inclusions are used and how much effort has to go into the project!

Can you work with payment plans?

Yes! If you want a fully custom piece or have your eye on a specific item ($50+) I can work with payment plans! I do require a down payment of at least $50 up front via a private listing for you, and details of how often/how much can be discussed based upon what can work for you. Please reach out to me on either twitter:@stephaninelegok or to figure out your payment plan.


Do you ship international?

Yes! If you are an international customer please feel free to message me on my socials (twitter:@stephanielegok or instagram and we can discuss starting a project for you! International shipping is much more costly so I like to warn my international shoppers!


Is this all safe to use?

Yes, with correct use! I use heat resistant resin to ensure the safest use possible. I still always advise to keep from direct heat/flame as resin will always contain toxic chemicals that are activated with heat! Please keep this in mind while using my products.


Is packaging discreet?

100% of my packaging comes from re-used materials! With this it usually means my boxes are pretty "ugly" and used at the point they get to me. There are no indications on what is inside your package!


Help! My question wasn't answered!

Do not worry! Please feel more than free to reach out to me at any time with any further questions or concerns! I will respond fastest to twitter (@stephanielegok) or Instagram ( DM's (less than 24 hours). Or for those without social media feel free to shoot an email to [email protected] and I will respond within 48 hours (usually still within 24 hours).

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